What is Instagram?

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing app for smartphones. Compared with other social networks, Instagram is relatively simpleā€”it's focused exclusively on sharing photos with your friends.

Why use Instagram?

At this point, you may be thinking: Why do I need a separate app for sharing photos? Couldn't I just post them on Facebook or another social network? One reason for Instagram's popularity is its simplicity. Rather than focusing on a lot of different features, Instagram has only one core feature, which makes it especially easy to share photos and see photos from your friends.

Filters are another reason people like using Instagram. Whenever you take a photo in Instagram, you can quickly apply a filter to give the photo a unique look. Filters can help transform an ordinary photo into something worth sharing without much effort.

Is Instagram appropriate for everyone?

Like most other social networking sites, you must be at least 13 years old to create an account on Instagram. While you may occasionally encounter some inappropriate content on Instagram, it does have strict rules banning nudity and other types of offensive posts.

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