We know that alot of people may go into blogging using Wordpress and Blogspot, and you may be wondering why i am writing about MyWapBlog, we know that having a blog is easy but keeping it active is another thing. And for the newbies who wants to enter the blogosphere but for some reasons may not because it needs an expirence in HTML and CSS and most importantly a Computer to handle it, and some may not have it. So why all this talks? Yes! This is where MyWapBlog comes in.

Let us see some reasons:-
* MyWapBlog is mobile friendly and easier than any other blogging platform.
* You can customize your blog and post to it with a mobile phone, even if it is not a smart phone.
* It already has inbuild CSS and template designs, means you dont have to code anything, which is good for people with 0% knowledge on HTML.
* Availability on Desktop, means even if your blog readers are using a pc, they can still read your posts. Providing your Desktop view is cool.
* It is also very easy to get a blog running and to adapt to the features quickly.

Now after going through those points up there, you might ask: Can i make money from MyWapBlog just like other blogging platforms?
The answer is positively YES!. MyWapBlog supports earning revenues from your blog by showing ads in your blog. And it also support ad network like Adsense and the rest of it after meeting the requirements.

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